Originally an agricultural engineer, Carla decided to make a career switch and started studying Italian and English translation.
At the end of 1996, she founded Zwanenberg Translations and started working with the following language pairs:

  • English – Dutch
  • German – Dutch
  • Italian – Dutch

Carla specialises in technical texts, such as machine manuals, sales brochures, web pages, and software, and has significant experience in the field of automotive, games, consumer electronics, packaging and model railroad industry.

In 2003 she was accepted as a member of the Netherlands Society of Interpreters and Translators
(NGTV), and several times a year she meets with colleagues to discuss the ins and outs of our work.

In her free time, Carla enjoys hiking with her family, running, reading a good book, and singing in her choir. She also spends a lot of hours behind the computer, studying whatever catches her interest.